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Effective Strategies for Online Learning & Homeschooling

The Learning Space: Limiting Distractions Solutions for Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning Become Familiar with Student’s Online Learning Platform Learn How to Learn! Family/Household Organization Advocate & Ask Questions Making Communication Smoother Collaborative & Integrative Learning Study Techniques for Learning Differences All-Around Good Study Habits Emotional Health & Productive Studying Additional Strategies to Consider

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Why students need more ‘math talk’

Matthew Campbell & Johnna Bolyard October 29, 2018 6.38am EDT Test scores, school report cards and Facebook posts complaining about homework problems often drive critiques of how math is taught in schools. Amid the debates, it has become increasingly clear that one ingredient is necessary for success: opportunities for students to talk about math. Unfortunately, these are often lacking…

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150 years of the periodic table

By Helen Briggs BBC NEWS: January 29, 2019 BYou’ll find it on the wall of nearly every school chemistry laboratory in the land. And generations of children have sung the words, “hydrogen and helium, lithium, beryllium…” in an attempt to memorise some of the 118 elements. This year, the periodic table of chemical elements celebrates…

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